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 Had enough? Here's a summary of documented reasons why Scott Walker must go on Nov. 4th

Greater Wisconsin Committee

We are a state-based, progressive issue advocacy organization that conducts aggressive grassroots and media campaigns on the important public policy issues facing the state.

To this end, the Greater Wisconsin Committee (GWC) was established in 2004 to communicate with people across the state to define and advance the important issues facing our citizens. GWC assembles the best research, strategic and creative talent to educate and mobilize Wisconsin residents on important economic, health, social and environmental issues.

 Student loans cripple students and borrowers with over $1.2 trillion. Despite this crisis, Scott Walker increased UW tuition and opposed a plan to allow Wisconsin borrowers to refinance their student loans.

As Atty. Gen. Brad Schimel would make abortion a crime (even rape, incest) and deny women coverage for birth control Schimel is turning back the clock on rights in Wisconsin.

Scott Waker's Wisconsin looks like a private club where big donors get their strip mines, tax breaks for private schools and other benefits while middle class families are left in the cold.

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Women earn less than men for doing the same work. Scott Walker's corporate friends lobbied to repeal the Equal Pay law and spent $8 million to support his campaigns. Now it's easier to pay women less.

Gov. Walker doled out half-a-billion dollars in tax breaks and giveaways to his friends while he cut school funding more per student than any governor in America.

In one breath Scott Walker slashed public school funding and gave $10K in tax deductions for millionaires' kids' private schooling.

Scott Walker tried to change the law so foreign companies and foreign governments could buy more Wisconsin farmland. A farm family warns that "Walker is selling out Wisconsin farmers"

Scott Walker uses Wisconsin’s job creation money to reward his political cronies. Here's Walker's Wisconsin: dead last in job creation in the Midwest.

Roger Roth supported massive tax breaks for wealthy corporations, but opposes raising the minimum wage. Corporate special interests back Roger Roth because he does exactly what they want..

Howard Marklein claims to be independent.But he votes the party line 99.3% of the time. This Greater Wisconsin Political Fund ad has all the facts "Party Line Marklein".

Policy Agenda

We are progressive

At a time when conservative wedge and special interest politics dominated the State Capitol, the Greater Wisconsin Committee was created to change the atmosphere.

Advocating for Wisconsin's children and schools

Our goal is to raise the level of the public debate

We seek a dialogue about the issues that affect people's daily lives - health care, jobs, education, tax fairness, the environment, public safety, ethics and more.

Advocating for Wisconsin's workers - union worker in hardhat

We need your help to inform and educate

Your support is needed now more than ever to fight back against Scott Walker's attacks on our children, seniors and working families. 

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